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Benjamin Lloyd

3768 La Donna Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Phone 650-245-6116
E-mail ben [atsign] kaufmann-lloyd [singledot] com


To lead a software development team, leveraging my experience in management, technical architecture, and process analysis to improve the effectiveness and morale of the team, and maximize the value of the software product to the bottom line.

Functional summary

  •  Over 20 years managing IT software development teams (between 5 and 100 engineers)
  • SW and other project management
  • Business and technical process analysis
  • SW systems analysis
  • Solution and enterprise architecture
  • Software quality improvement efforts
  • IT strategy
  • IT program management.

SW Management

Managed 12-engineer web software development team responsible for NetApp's WWW presence, Partner portal, Intranet, and content management solutions.

Managed 25 SAP developers for implementation of interfaces to and from, and services provided by, HP Services worldwide SAP (with 15,000 users).

Managed development of e-business solutions enabling HP's largest customers to manage their support agreements and the details of their support relationship with HP.

Managed organizational improvement projects in several areas (within SAP Development) – code ownership, service architecture, Business Intelligence linkage, CMM, etc.

Managed Warranty information program, including definition and implementation of enterprise data warehouse and warranty metrics solution – contributed to enterprise goal of 50% warranty expense reduction.

Directed 100 developer organization with $10M budget.  Defined and implemented WW strategy for information management business alignment, solution architecture, organization structure, and processes.  Solutions for Customer DWH, Service DWH, Warranty Metrics.  Standardized architecture and technology, reducing solution TTM to less than a week in many cases, eliminating $2M in unnecessary or redundant investment (in one year), and provided the information infrastructure to enable WW reduction of 100+ reporting headcount in HPS.  - Rough savings: $250K/year + $10M/year headcount, helped generate more than $50M in annual revenue.

Managed development and implementation of support-task-focused web page in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea, providing customer-oriented access to key HP Customer Support web services.

Managed development of web-based application (using Java, Sybase, Unix, NT) to allow HP’s largest customers to manage their support agreements on the web – configure new, update existing, get quotes, etc.

Managed R&D efforts for e-business architecture and technology, HPCS J2EE architecture, CrossWorlds Integration pilot and evaluation.

Led software projects for managing and electronically distributing product literature, developing and implementing client/server architecture (in C++ with Sockets then DCE, Allbase, Visual C++, threads, etc.) for transaction processing and (pre-web) literature viewing and publish-on-demand.  Reduced expenses of literature warehouse and local stocking by several $M/year.

Managed development and support of a consolidated enterprise marketing database, including external vendor evaluations.

Solution & Enterprise Architecture, Strategy

Represented HP Services in strategic HP-wide Information Management forums (strategy, architecture, technology choice, approach, balanced scorecard, customer data warehouse).  We leveraged infrastructure and software licenses to save close to $1M in FY01.

Developed and managed implementation of strategy to address localization of worldwide internet solutions in AP countries.  Established network of localization resources, managing localization of key web services and apps in Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese. Influenced hp.com board to provide local flexibility in services area to allow alignment with country styles of doing business; hp.com template and implementation were changed as a result.

Led strategic technology planning efforts for the HP Customer Support IT organization.

Represented Customer Support on Corporate task forces focusing on technology architecture and web integration strategies (e.g. Common Logon).

Consulted to develop and deploy information architectures for applications used by WW Customer Support organization. Researched new technologies to identify their implications on those architectures, and how they may extend the architecture.

Quality, Process Analysis

Managed SAP quality improvement initiative, with focus on CMMI certification.  Design, launch and monitor threads in root cause analysis, inspections, measurement, defect removal, and process improvement.  Reduced monthly critical/serious defects by > 50%, with corresponding monthly savings of > $150K.

Managed effort to assess Sarbanes-Oxley compliance of our SAP implementation and controls to prevent fraud and financial reporting errors (for applications that process $6B of revenue annually, implemented remediation plans to address deficiencies, designed and prototyped custom software solution to discover and prevent segregation of duties issues. 

Managed initiative to overhaul HP Services’ Customer Documentation solution – a projected ROI of 80% reduction in run rate by 2006 (saving roughly $400K per year).

Helped design software development lifecycles and methodologies; served on Corporate CASE implementation task force. 

Served as JRP/JAD consultant/facilitator for 3-5 sessions per year, leading other teams in collecting business requirements for applications.


2006 - present NetApp
Sunnyvale, CA
2007 – present :

2006 - 2007:
Sr. Manager, IT Availability and Risk Management
Sr. Manager, WebServices and Marketing IT
1984 – 2006              
Hewlett-Packard Company,
Santa Clara County, CA
2005 – 2006 :

2004 - 2005 :

2002 – 2004 :
2000 – 2002 :

2000 : 

1997 – 1999 :  

1996 – 1997 :  
1991 – 1996 :
1989 – 1991 :
1984 – 1989 :
HP Services SAP IT Quality Manager, Sarbanes-Oxley Lead
HP Services SAP IT Platform Development Manager
HP Services Manager, Warranty Information

HP Services Director, Information Management (data warehouse and decision support)
HP Services Asia Pacific E-Business Program Manager
HP Services IT Enterprise Customer E-Business Manager
HP Services IT Architecture Manager
Electronic Literature Systems Project Leader
Marketing Systems Project Leader
Site Technical Support Center Manager
1981 – 1984 Interex, 
Mountain View,  CA
Technical Manager for Data Processing and Technical Services Department

Assistant Technical Editor, INTERACT magazine.


1981 Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

BA, Russian and English Literature

with coursework in Computer Science, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, music, and history

 Hanson Ballet - Feb 2, 2008

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